Some Good News and Some Bad News About Welcome to Pia Carrot 2

So I have some good and bad news. To start with, the good. :) Playtesting started for this game and we were able to document a complete play-through for two of the routes. I've also made a video of the preliminary 2nd draft introduction. Check it out below!

Now for the bad news. During play testing we uncovered a copious amount of untranslated script. This was determined to have been undumped. Esperknight was prompt in finding and dumping this text but it's set the translation progress back to 35%! I really thought we were farther along with this, but I won't let it discourage me. I'll be translating this over the coming months as we continue to work towards a 100% complete English language patch.


Has this been left untouched for 3 years?

Is this project considered dropped/dead?

Has this been left untouched

Has this been left untouched for 3 years? Yes.

Is this project considered dropped/dead? Nope. I consider it on the back burner.

In the meantime I've been finishing up projects with Dynamic-Designs like Galaxy Robo and the upcoming G.O.D, and knocking out scripts for other projects on this page.

I have an update about Team Innocent to post. Hopefully this will be the start of some more activity on these pending projects. I'd say TI and Ojousama Sousamou are the current forerunners just because they are further along.

Keep ya heads up guys, maybe

Keep ya heads up guys, maybe i could help with some donating if it could speed up projects and we could get some updated development info, but of course i dont know how much time you have and stuff. But thanks for all the hard work!

Keep up the good work! We're

Keep up the good work! We're still faithfully waiting for this project's completion one day!

Still alive?

You guys still alive?


Yep, we're still here. :) I've been busy working on the script for Aretha, an SFC RPG, with Dynamic-Designs. I finished the first draft and I'm editing now. Once I'm done with that I'm planning to get back to some more of these projects including Welcome to Pia Carrot 2.