Welcome to Pia Carrot 2 (PC)

Some Good News and Some Bad News About Welcome to Pia Carrot 2

So I have some good and bad news. To start with, the good. :) Playtesting started for this game and we were able to document a complete play-through for two of the routes. I've also made a video of the preliminary 2nd draft introduction. Check it out below!

Welcome to Pia Carrot 2 Script 1st Draft Complete!

I'm happy to announce that the 1st draft script is complete! There is some undumped text so I'm going to say this is likely around 90% of the text, maybe more or less. However, it's everything I have and the bulk of the total script. From here I can begin the insertion and editing process while keeping any eye open for that undumped text.

Welcome to Pia Carrot 2 at 65%

I've been working on the WtPC2 script which currently has a 65% complete 1st draft.

Progress Resumes on Welcome to Pia Carrot 2

I haven't heard from Grant in a while. Not giving up per se, but I've started working on the remainder of the script myself. I started around March 7th and finished another 10% of the script bringing the total completion for a first draft to 60%.

Welcome to Pia Carrot 2 Script Formatter Complete

I'm happy to say that Esperknight completed an initial script formatter which has made the script much prettier in-game. Yay!

Welcome to Pia Carrot 2 Script Translation Reaches 50%

Progress is now at 50% for the 1st draft of the script translation! Yay! I'm really pleased with this progress. In just over a month the script is half translated. There is still a lot of editing and spot translation to do. However, I'll be moving on to translating some other scripts while I give Grant a chance to work on the other half of the script.

New Year Welcome to Pia Carrot 2 Progress!

Happy New Year! I hear Esperknight has figured out the trouble with the game crashing near the choice segments when the new script is inserted. I spent a lot of time translating over the last week. Progress on the 1st draft script translation is now at least 33%, probably closer to 40%.

Welcome to Pia Carrot 2 Script Insertion Started!

Esperknight has been doing some great work on a script inserter for this game. Take a look at the new screenshots of the initial script insert! Still working on the technical end and the script end. Translation is at around 25% and I've done a little editing on the first block. I very excited to see this project coming together. I'll be doing a lot of translating during the holiday break. The beginning of 2011 should see great progress on this game.

Welcome to Pia Carrot 2 Initial News

I've been translating Welcome to Pia Carrot 2 like a mad man. I've been working on it for maybe a few weeks (NOTE: I've had the script for a year but only recently started working on it due to other projects) and am already about 20% finished with a first draft. Even better, Grant Laughlin, co-translator of Lady Sword, has agreed to co-translate WtPC2 with me! This will further speed up the project/free me up to hit some other projects fast and hard.

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