Team Innocent (PC-FX)

Team Innocent (PC-FX) Gets a VWF!

Elmer on's forum stepped up to offer some technical work for this project. Here's what he had to say:

"I'm really hoping that filler and EsperKnight will get want to get back to Team Innocent, and get it finished off.

Here's my contribution ... the font system is now hacked, and all the fonts can be replaced with something a little nicer. :)

Original ROM font ..."

"Custom VWF font (with added drop-shadow) ..."

Update on Team Innocent Translation Project

I'm very pleased to announce that during my rather long hiatus, Eien ni Hen and Pennywise took it upon themselves to do some editing and additional translation to polish up the started script!

I've recently done just a touch of playtesting and confirmed that the item names are translated and appear properly. I've edited the names for now to fit in the space allotted in menu screens. Please see the following screenshots for examples.

Team Innocent Translation Project Teaser Video

Happy new year! I delivered a Christmas present to YouTube in early Dec when I posted a teaser video of a bit of dialog text from the beginning of Team Innocent. Take a look at it below!

Team Innocent Script Dump Incomplete

I jumped the gun a bit in the last post. The script block I was working on is now 100% complete but it's come to light that the script dump was incomplete. Esperknight is hard at work tracking down the remaining

Team Innocent Initial Script Insertion

Awesome news! Esperknight has made an initial script insert for the text that has been translated so far.

Team Innocent Translation Project Announcement

It is my sincere pleasure to announce that Esperknight and myself are working on Team Innocent for the PC-FX. Actually started looking at this a couple of months ago. EK made this nice video below about his work extracting the script. I tackled some translating of it this weekend and finished up probably 80% of it. It's a small script as there is not a lot of dialog in this game. Can't wait to finish this script off and get this project moving toward release.

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