Slayers PC98 Script Translation is Complete

I am extremely happy to hear from Eien ni Hen that the script translation for Slayers on the PC98 is complete! Big thanks to her for completing this huge task. Be sure to let her know if your excited to play this in English sometime, or have enjoyed it once the patch is released. Now all that's left is reinsertion and testing.



If this finally comes up, I already have my emulator waiting :) Good Luck


Wow I would really like to see this project ended as a complete patch release, hope to hear the news soon.
Good luck.

Project Status


I've noticed that, like other individuals, they bear the same curosity that I do about the development of this project.

Instead of hounding, I was going to ask if there was any need for any outside help in any aspect. Since it seems that this is slowly crawling along, I hope you don't mind me offering.

In either way, I'm just glad that progress on this is still being made. It's always nice to see something I hold dear still getting some great treatment.

I've been looking for a

I've been looking for a translation everywhere. This post was made in 2012, you said that the translation was complete. Well, where would the download link be for the patch?

Just because the script is

Just because the script is translated doesn't mean that a patch is ready. The script still needs to be inserted, tested, and edited. Coincidentally Esperknight just got a hold of me recently about this very project! I may have a more informative update soon depending. For now there is a little more text to be translated for the in-town and menu type stuff.

Totally forgot about this!

I played the SNES game a while back and I really wanted to see the PC9801 translated too! If I can be of any help I know x86 and have some dis-assembly tools, learning whatever ASM PC98 is can't be that difficult!

I didn't mean to ignore this

I didn't mean to ignore this comment. I wasn't sure where we stand with this project but I think we're good for now. Thanks a lot for your offer! Hopefully we will have something tangible for you to enjoy someday. :)

Just wanted to say I check

Just wanted to say I check here every now and then for progress. I want more than the SNES Slayers game to be translated...

Me too. :) Thanks!

Me too. :) Thanks!