Slayers (PC98)

Slayers PC98 Script Translation is Complete

I am extremely happy to hear from Eien ni Hen that the script translation for Slayers on the PC98 is complete! Big thanks to her for completing this huge task. Be sure to let her know if your excited to play this in English sometime, or have enjoyed it once the patch is released. Now all that's left is reinsertion and testing.

Slayers PC98 Found Tecnical and Translation Help

Finally some movement on this project! After realizing that this game has just been a low priority for me, I decided to make it available to other translators. Eien ni Hen has graciously offered to take over the translation of this game! I'm really excited to have her talent and expertise on this script. Esperknight has offered to take a stab at the programming end so things are looking very good for this project in 2011.

Some Progress on Slayers for PC98

Somehow I manage to work extremely slowly on this project, or to put it better I'm very distracted by a great many other things. However I was struck with the urge to work on it and I translated a couple more blocks. I'm up to around 7-8% completion.

Slayers (PC98) Initial Post

I began work on this project back in August of '06 when I isolated the offsets of some areas of text within various disk images. It wasn't until summer of '07 when was offered some assistance with the project by Pennywise of RHDN who acted as a liason between "Guest", on the Aeon Genesis boards if I remember correctly, and myself that the project started to go somewhere. Guest was able to do amazing things and basically give me a script dumper, it may be an inserter too for all I know.

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