Ojousama Sousamou (PC-FX)

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Debutante Detective Corps Title Screen

This page contains information on the English language translation of Ojousama Sousamou, known as Debutante Detective Corps for the US anime OAV localization, is an adventure-puzzle game for the PC-FX. When I first tried it out I found it immediately compelling and accessible and I've wanted to try translating it ever since. I think it's a bit of an undiscovered gem on the PC-FX.

You play as an aspiring master thief who sets his sights on stealing high-profile items from famous locations around the world in order to make a name for himself. Not only that but you have the brass to announce your heists ahead of time as a challenge to the ladies detectives. You must use your wits and various items to out maneuver the ladies and steal the treasures.