Slayers (PC98) English Translation Project

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This is a dungeon crawling RPG for the NEC PC-98 based on the Slayers series. This has the honor of being the first game based on Slayers, released on March 25th 1994, it came on 6 floppy disks.



Slayers pc98

It's been a few years, any news?

Sorry, no. :( I'm just

Sorry, no. :( I'm just getting back in to this hobby again and planning to look at some of this stuff. Slayers is not high on my priorities right now, but it's something I'd like to readdress once we have maybe one or two standing projects finished up.


Hey, I know you've been asked this a lot but how is the project coming along? I'm really excited to play the game in English, and I've been working on putting a guide for the game in English in the meantime just TO play it. Thanks for replying if you do!

Any progress so far/project status info?

Hello, could you share any news on this project's current status (like, percentage of completion, for example)?

Is there any chance that this

Is there any chance that this will be released in the future? I've been keeping an eye on it for a while now, but it's been so long since there was any info released.

Yes, definitely. Not much has

Yes, definitely. Not much has been going on with it recently, but I'm planning to take some time to try to do whatever play-testing needs to be done for a few of these projects that are in limbo sometime soon. I don't know when exactly, but this project should get some attention again.

Slayers 98 Project Status

Hi Filler,

Just checking in to see how the project was coming. As mentioned before, we have a startup romhacking group over at that is is hoping to break new ground in PC-98 translation projects. If there is anything that you are running into trouble with, please feel free to visit and I'm sure that many of us would be happy to look into the project. I do the forum maintenance and I can easily create a Slayers sub-forum for project related discussions if needed.

We are making excellent progress on Brandish 2 Renewal for PC-98, as well as 46 Okunen Monogatari for PC-98 with other PC-98 projects planned as well. I think we have many talented and passionate romhackers and programmers, several of which are interested in PC-98. We'd certainly love to invite you and EsperKnight to the forum if or when you are free.

In other news I was able to recently acquire an original copy of Slayers for PC-98 and I can test on real hardware. Perhaps I could scan and edit a scanlation of the manual too if there was a translation available.

I'm still very excited about this project moving forward and I cannot wait to play it! :)


Hi! Thanks for asking about

Hi! Thanks for asking about this. It's possible that we could use some help with play-testing. Let me at least see where we are with insertion and maybe I'll swing by the forums and see about coordinating a play test for the game.

Glad to hear that this

Glad to hear that this project is still active. I'm looking forward to playing it when it's ready and if you ever need a beta tester to play it on real hardware, I have a PC-9821 Ce2 which is itching to test it out.

Our group over at is planning to do some PC-98 projects as well, namely AIZA: New Generation and Xak I.

Good luck!


Now that's what I call "Good News"!

When I saw this a year ago~ I was like "HELL YEAH!", but slowly and steadily I realized that just like Gothic Reloaded and Earth Special Forces this ain't a Project with people behind it, who have a lot of free time.
It's good to hear that this hasn't been forgotten yet.

Thanks a lot for working on this project and best luck with it! I'm so gonna play this when it's done.


Recent Posts

08/15/2012 - 03:00

I am extremely happy to hear from Eien ni Hen that the script translation for Slayers on the PC98 is complete! Big thanks to her for completing this huge task. Be sure to let her know if your excited to play this in English sometime, or have enjoyed it once the patch is released. Now all that's left is reinsertion and testing.

12/14/2010 - 04:00

Finally some movement on this project! After realizing that this game has just been a low priority for me, I decided to make it available to other translators. Eien ni Hen has graciously offered to take over the translation of this game! I'm really excited to have her talent and expertise on this script. Esperknight has offered to take a stab at the programming end so things are looking very good for this project in 2011.

07/11/2009 - 03:00

Somehow I manage to work extremely slowly on this project, or to put it better I'm very distracted by a great many other things. However I was struck with the urge to work on it and I translated a couple more blocks. I'm up to around 7-8% completion.

04/25/2008 - 03:00

I began work on this project back in August of '06 when I isolated the offsets of some areas of text within various disk images. It wasn't until summer of '07 when was offered some assistance with the project by Pennywise of RHDN who acted as a liason between "Guest", on the Aeon Genesis boards if I remember correctly, and myself that the project started to go somewhere. Guest was able to do amazing things and basically give me a script dumper, it may be an inserter too for all I know. I was bogged down with other projects I thought would never get finished so I wasn't giving this much attention. I'm happy to have a script in my hands now however that I have some time and motivation to translate.

So far I've translated 2 blocks comprising 2% of the total script.