Debutante Detective Corps Title Screen
Ojousama Sousamou (PC-FX)

Ah! Megami-sama Script at 60%

I turned my attention away from these projects for a number of years, but as I've gotten back into the hobby via translating some shorter scripts available on my other project page, I've started working on the Ah! Megami-sama script again. Initial translation is at about 60% now.

Team Innocent (PC-FX) Gets a VWF!

Elmer on's forum stepped up to offer some technical work for this project. Here's what he had to say:

"I'm really hoping that filler and EsperKnight will get want to get back to Team Innocent, and get it finished off.

Here's my contribution ... the font system is now hacked, and all the fonts can be replaced with something a little nicer. :)

Original ROM font ..."

"Custom VWF font (with added drop-shadow) ..."

Update on Team Innocent Translation Project

I'm very pleased to announce that during my rather long hiatus, Eien ni Hen and Pennywise took it upon themselves to do some editing and additional translation to polish up the started script!

I've recently done just a touch of playtesting and confirmed that the item names are translated and appear properly. I've edited the names for now to fit in the space allotted in menu screens. Please see the following screenshots for examples.

Ah! Megami-sama Script 1st Draft Reaches 50%!

I'm happy to announce that since the update last month, the script for Oh My Goddess is now 50% translated! I'm excited to have finally reached this milestone.

I'm confident that if I can continue to make time to work on this script that it will not take another couple years or however long it's been since we started the project to finish up the translation.

Please check back for additional updates and feel free to comment if you're looking forward to the game!

Progress Resumes on Ah! Megami-sama (PC-FX)

It's been about a year since I've done anything resembling fan translation. I'm getting the urge to get back in the saddle a bit, and consequently translation work has resumed on AMG for PC-FX. Yay!

I'm still less than 50% on the current script dump, but I'll make an update once I reach that milestone. Also I'll have some updates on other projects coming up soon now that I've been in contact with Esperknight and things are moving forward again on various things.

First Screenshot of Test Text Insertion

Take a look at the latest from Esperknight, a test insertion for Debutant Detective Corps! This sort of progress is very exciting. Here's hoping there is more to come in the near future. Stay tuned!

Current Script for Debutant Detective Corps (Ojousama Sousamou) Complete!

Yay! Finished with the current script dump of Ojousama! Rushed a little at the end, so there are a few unknown lines and cleanup etc. of course. From what I translated in this last block I have a feeling there is some undumped text but who knows?

Slayers PC98 Script Translation is Complete

I am extremely happy to hear from Eien ni Hen that the script translation for Slayers on the PC98 is complete! Big thanks to her for completing this huge task. Be sure to let her know if your excited to play this in English sometime, or have enjoyed it once the patch is released. Now all that's left is reinsertion and testing.

Team Innocent Translation Project Teaser Video

Happy new year! I delivered a Christmas present to YouTube in early Dec when I posted a teaser video of a bit of dialog text from the beginning of Team Innocent. Take a look at it below!

Some Good News and Some Bad News About Welcome to Pia Carrot 2

So I have some good and bad news. To start with, the good. :) Playtesting started for this game and we were able to document a complete play-through for two of the routes. I've also made a video of the preliminary 2nd draft introduction. Check it out below!